Friday, September 28, 2012

Translation at Reasonable Rates

Everywhere you look, individuals and companies are trying to lower costs and save money. Translation is no exception. Private individuals in need of document translation (secondary school, vocational school, or university transcripts and diplomas; marriage, birth or death certificates; proof of divorce; proof of military service; various other short legal memoranda and all sorts of other immigration-related documentation) need to be sure that they are receiving quality work at reasonable rates. Today's sense of "financial insecurity" means that people are less inclined than ever to take a chance with their money on a poor translation outcome. This may be especially valid for a PhD candidate or academic who is trying to get his or her research published and first needs it translated into English. Grant money is hard to come by and there may not be much allocated for translation.

This is true not only of individual consumers but also of companies and large customers of translation services. The following blog entitled, "Planning a Realistic Budget for Your Translation Requirements," was written and posted by Sajan ( on September 19, 2012, and specifically addresses concerns that large customers might have over cost containment. Sajan's blog posts are always such high quality, so I am re-posting the link below and hope that my readers find it useful:

Remember that can always be your "go-to" source for complete document translation at reasonable rates. We can assign linguists to a project in any language pair, and your initial consultation/rate request is completely free.

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