Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Immigration Documentation Isn't Just for New Arrivals

When we think about the subject of immigration documentation translation - marriage, birth, and death certificates; national identification cards from one's country of origin; proof of military service; secondary school, vocational school, or university course transcripts and diplomas; proof of divorce; and other short legal memoranda - we usually make the association with relatively new arrivals from other countries to the United States.  In most cases we assume that the people needing these sorts of documents translated are recent immigrants, or are here on work or student visas, and are applying for jobs or to colleges and universities. 

There are numerous reasons, however, that people who have lived, worked, or studied in this country for years may need immigration-related paperwork translated at various times.  For example, when a foreign-born person gets married, New York State requires an English translation of the person's birth certificate before being able to grant the marriage license.  More generally, all states require proof of termination of any previous marriage.  This means that any person who has resided, been married, and been divorced, in a foreign country must show proof of divorce in the U.S. before remarrying and must have these documents translated if they are in a language other than English.

Whether you are living, studying, working here, or all of the above, most employers, universities, and U.S. government agencies require a variety of immigration-related documents to be translated and certified (notarized).  REL Translations has deep expertise in the area of document translation, editing, proofreading, and certification, and can ensure the accuracy of your translations for any purpose.

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