Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Turkish Language and the #1 Reason to Have Your Academic Paper Edited by a Professional

Even if your academic research papers are written in English and do not need to be translated, after reading this post you will quickly realize why it pays to pay a professional to edit your work.

I am attaching a link to a terrific paper, by one Emrah Görgülü of Simon Fraser University, entitled, "The Givenness Hierarchy and Its Implications for Specificity in Turkish." It is a fascinating discussion (for us grammarians and linguists) on the use of the accusative case in Turkish and the question of specificity versus non-specificity.

The paper was either written in English originally or beautifully translated into English by a translator whose first language is English. I almost hate to say, however, that I found two grammatical errors on the first page alone, and more throughout the text as I was reading.

The paper's content is first rate, and I am only drawing attention to the typos for the sake of my own (shameless) self-promotion:  it pays to pay a professional to edit your work! REL Translations ( will certainly translate your academic papers and research, if that is what you need, but we can also provide editing and proofreading services at reasonable rates.

Do not let your hard work and high quality academic research be overlooked because you have allowed it to be published online without having been professionally edited first. Pay for perfection - pay to get it right.

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